Winamp auto-playlister plugin mp3 wma ogg. All play lists react to an individually defined rating-system and a highly complex algorithm. Play lists can be produced for a certain amount of time, scheduled or used as continuously running background music. Base of these play lists are predefined title collections put together with the help of numerous intelligent search functions. Moodmixer can mass-rate, -change, and -tag titles.M3u burner support.

Publisher description

Winamp auto-playlister plugin for mp3 wma ogg. Win ME/ 2k/NT install MDAC from MS first! Imagine you had a machine that selected the music in the same way as you would have, it would play your favorite titles more often and would see to it that songs weren't repeated at the same time the next day. You could constantly listen to your very own music without having to select it and if you want to change the "mood" you would only have to pull a few sliders and instantly the musicselection changes. Ie- you need some faster, more danceable titles? Simply pull up the sliders and Moodmixer selects new matching titles according to their ratings and a set of predefined rules. The music selection is independant of the genre, new genres can be added to the Database. Moodmixer is an intuitive automated music-title-selector as Winamp 2.x/5.x- plugin. Digital music in Mp3 format can be collected according to ID-Tag information and personally defined rating values. A special algorithm automatically calculates the sequence of titles for the playlists. Playlists can be produced for any desired length, for specific dates or occasions ( parties etc) or for a specific amount of time, but also for a non-stop home-streaming. All play lists are independant of the actual amount of available titles. Moodmixer offers the possibility to comfortably mass-rate titles with personally defined rating criteria or conduct mass-changes of ID-Tag informations, Songs can also be edited with the search and replace function. Collecting titles for a playlist basis is easily conducted with the help of a highspeed, easy to handle database and numerous intelligent search and sort functions. New feature: file name splitter. Be independant, be individual, be in the mood. Moodmixer!

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